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3 Home Maintenance Tips That Will Surely Save You Money

Fall is soon coming to a close with winter just a few weeks away now. For homeowners that want to save money and keep their home functioning at its best, they should get their home prepared for the cold weather that is coming. With that said, one of the best things you can do is to schedule an inspection with a local Des Moines roofing service. Making the necessary preparations for your roof with the appropriate fall maintenance tasks is the safest way to prevent a roofing disaster from happening this winter.

Completing These Home Maintenance Tasks Will Help You Avoid Problems This Winter!!!

Clean Out the Gutters

An important step in keeping your home healthy and free of leaks during the winter is to clean and maintain your gutter system. Most people do not realize that a clogged gutter can damage a roof but it is true. Water can splash back onto the shingles and cause deterioration or even a leak depending on how bad it gets. Another problem that can occur from a clogged gutter during the winter is ice damming. If your gutters are filled with debris and a lot of snow collects on your roof, things can get messy in a hurry!

Tree Safety and Maintenance

Trees that are near or hanging above a roof are a recipe for disaster, so make sure you have them removed. You can do this on your own, or call a local tree service to have it done. If you don't, you could end up with roof damage. Or even worse, a whole tree could fall onto your home if it diseased. Don't neglect the trees surrounding your home, the damages can be fatal.

Get a Roof Inspection

Your local Des Moines roofer knows that winter will test the limits of any type of roof system and this year will be no different from the forecast being told by The Farmer's Almanac. The relentless winter weather means that your roof will be working overtime and needs to be performing at its best to protect your home. Remember, it's much better to get roofing work done when the temperatures are not frigid. In some cases, the weather may not even permit a roof repair or replacement to happen.


Rest easy knowing that your roof and the exterior of your home are ready for the coming winter season and schedule a free inspection with our team today!

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December 1, 2020
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