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4 Reasons To Schedule a Spring Roofing Inspection

If your home has been beaten up during a hail storm there could be damages lurking on top of your roof. "There were 10 hail reports in 2018, and 1 already this year in 2019 for our city", says a Des Moines Roof Repair. Cracked, curled, buckled and warped shingles can lead to other damages around your home if they are not fixed ASAP. Now is the time to schedule an annual roofing inspection if you haven't done so yet already this year.

The best way to know if your roof has damage is to have a Des Moines Roofer inspect it once a year. Nevertheless, here are some warnings signals that you can look for from the ground level.

  • Accumulated shingle granules and/or pieces of broken shingles in your gutters and/or downspouts.
  • Marks left behind from water damage inside your house and/or attic.
  • Daylight showing through in your attic.
  • Indentations or surface damage from hail to your windows, siding, and roof.

Your roof is the chief defender for your home against the elements. A hail damaged roof loses its strength to protect your home from water, wind, ice, and snow, leaving it susceptible to a leak if left unrepaired by a Des Moines Roofing Contractor. Many insurance companies cover hail storm damage because they understand how significant a properly functioning roof is.

Putting off an inspection with a Des Moines roofing professional after a severe storm has passed through your neighborhood is a bad idea. Most insurance policies state that it is the homeowners' obligation to maintain their homes and take measures to prevent things such as a roof leak. If you wait until it is already leaking you will probably be paying for ALL of the needed repair costs out of your own pocket.


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May 10, 2019
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