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Clean Working Gutters Are Essential For a Safe Home

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Most people are guilty of neglecting their gutters at one time or another, but this puts your home at serious risk for water damage. It does not take very long for things to spiral out of control when a gutter is clogged or broken. A lot of people do not have much free time, and some people do not feel comfortable up on a ladder. Plus, who wants to clean their gutters on their day off? No one, but nonetheless, it is an essential task if you want to keep a safe home and save money.

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Gutters are essential in moving water safely off of the roof and away from your home in Ankeny. Here are a few more significant reasons to keep your roofing and gutters well maintained.

  • Indoor Flooding - Debris filled gutters and downspouts slow down the speed at which water flows safely away, or stops it entirely. Depending on the amount of rain that is falling down, this can create a situation where the water is pouring over the side of the gutter and can cause flooding inside of your home. The most common areas of damage are the basement and crawl spaces, but the attic can also be affected too.
  • Roof Damage - Clogged and broken gutters can also cause damage to the roofing system of a home. During a heavy rainstorm, water can splash back onto the roof causing damage to the shingles and even plywood beneath them. In some cases, water could even find its way into an attic during an event like this. Getting regular inspections and repairs when need from a reliable Ankeny roofer is the best thing you can do to prevent situations like this from occurring.
  • Insects & Animals - Debris filled gutters also create a refuge for the local insects, rodents, birds, etc. They love to make their nest in or around the damp, moist leaves, pine needles, and other organic debris. A clean gutter system will deter them from nesting there,
  • Damaged Fascia Board - Fascia is the wood boards that the gutters are attached to. The overflowing and back splashing water from a clogged gutter can cause rotting to the wood and cause instability. When neglected, this can cause the entire gutter and fascia board to rip away from the home from the added weight when the gutters are filled up with water.

How often your gutters should be cleaned depends on the amount of foliage that is on your property and surrounds your home. Some homes need it done a few times a month during the months of the fall. The best thing you can do is keep a close eye on them so that you know when they need to be cleaned and maintained. Cleaning the gutters can be a messy, tedious, and time-consuming job. If you do not want to clean them on your own or deal with hiring a local Ankeny roofing contractor which adds up in costs, you should consider getting gutter covers for your home.

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January 23, 2021
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