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Does Your Roofing System Need to Be Serviced?

As a premier Des Moines Roofer, we want each and every homeowner to recognize how essential a strong and dependable roof is for your important assets. Roof damage is not estimated by whether you possess a hole in your roof or not, it also includes all of the little unnoticed problems that escalate over time and can ultimately lead to a complete roof replacement. Do not let it grow to that point before you have it inspected by a reputable professional in the area. Be a proactive homeowner and pay close consideration to your roof

Do You Understand How to Recognize the Signs When Your Roof Should Be Inspected By a Des Moines Roofing Pro?

If there remained any uncertainty in your reply we want to help instruct you on the conditions to watch out for:

  • Insect your attic. Are you noticing any indications that water may be getting in there?
  • Be aware of what is happening on the ceilings and walls of your home. Are there any watermarks or discolorations?
  • Keep a watch out on top of your roof. Look for missing and damaged shingles, along with granules that collect in your gutters. These are all signs that it is time for an inspection with a Des Moines roof repair pro.
  • Is your electric bill going up and up and up?!? Remember, heat rises. It could be going straight out from over your head. An annual inspection will give you both answers and solutions!
  • Does your roof appear to be dirty or stained? Again, all grounds to have it looked at by a professional ASAP.

If you are a DIY kind of property owner these are things to keep an eye on each season to avoid problems. But if that is not your thing, no problem, just be sure to have a premier Des Moines roofing contractor conduct a roof inspection annually at the bare minimum.


We have assisted thousands of homeowners throughout Iowa and are excited to provide you with exceptional workmanship and the highest-quality materials available.

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November 12, 2019
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