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Want Double Protection on Your Roofing System?

Roofing mastic is a product that is used by a Des Moines Roofer to seal your roof to stop water from entering. There are numerous different kinds of products that are called roofing mastic. This product is remarkably sticky and will dry as a flexible and rubbery finish. Many hardware stores will stock this product or can order it for you. When homeowners are having roofing work done by a Des Moines roof repair co, they should always inquire as to what products are going to be utilized.

One type of roofing mastic is a sealer that can be used on any part of a roof where water infiltration can happen, like along the flashing, at seams and corners, and over the likes of screws and nails. This can come in buckets, which will allow people to apply it using a palette knife, or it is available in tubes which will need a caulking gun to apply it. When homeowners periodically inspect their roofs, it is extremely important to check any areas where mastic was applied previously, to see if it is still intact.

Another kind of mastic is a sealant that is made to be applied to an entire roof, this will, however, need multiple coats by a Des Moines roofing contractor. This will prolong the life of a roof and can be applied using sprayers, rollers, etc. It basically forms a waterproof membrane over an existing roof which will be resistant to water penetration. However, when a roof is too badly damaged, this product will not work. Nonetheless, on aging roofs, it may be able to induce a few more years out of it.

With both cases, mastic was created to be extremely flexible. It expands and contracts without breaking which means it will withstand variable weather conditions. The waterproofing only lasts as long as the mastic stays elastic. It can be tinted to any color a homeowner wants in order to blend in better with their existing Des Moines Roofing system. Using white mastic will help to deflect heat, which means a reduction in cooling bills.


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December 12, 2019
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